I like MySQL and have been using each release of their GUI tools for Mac OS X and have slowly been getting used to the newer MySQL Workbench tool that replaced their previous GUI tools. I also use MAMP on some dev machines, so using both together is a must-do.

There is a way to setup MySQL Workbench with MAMP/MAMP Pro and these are the list of steps I did to get both apps to work together. There could be better ways so I'll update this post over time.

  1. Click "New Server Instance".
  2. Choose "localhost". Click Continue.
  3. Even if the "Testing the Database Connection" tests all fail, click Continue.
  4. Operating System & MySQL Package: Choose "Mac OS X".
  5. Testing Host Machine Settings: Even if the tests all fail, click Continue.
  6. Check "Change Parameters" and click Continue.
  7. Update - Path to Configuration File: /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock, click "Check Path" then "Check Name" - both should pass.
  8. Commands to start & stop MySQL - start: /Applications/MAMP/bin/startMysql.sh - stop: /Applications/MAMP/bin/stopMysql.sh - You may or may not need to check the elevated privileges checkbox (I didn't need to).
  9. Server Instance Name: [email protected] (or whatever you want)
  10. Enjoy MySQL Workbench to administer users, databases, etc. It's worth it.

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