Here are links I feel everyone who reads this site would like to know about:

Slides from my public presentations - Mostly tech, software, and geeky.
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LA Drupal - Los Angeles Drupal group I manage. and

LA AIR - Flex/AIR Adobe User Group I manage. (our official Adobe Groups site) - (my blog there)

XTND.US - extensions and software for 21st century web designers/developers.

The Twitter thing.

DMXzone Majestic Member - December 2004 - DMXzone is one of the world's largest Dreamweaver community that has published some of my articles.
Share your Dreamweaver knowledge, visit

Motion XML - Flash/ActionScript animation helper application and animation repository site.

Fingerprint Media - My freelance entity. More portfolio works here.

Adobe Flex Champion - Authorized since 2007

Team Interakt - Interakt was purchased by Adobe and is now Adobe Eastern Europe (something).

ActionScript 3 for ArgoUML - I started the ActionScript 3 UML project for ArgoUML.

Flash & Flex Developer's Magazine - I have an ongoing column in this magazine.

My LinkedIn profile
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My Technorati Profile

LA Flash - Flash Adobe User Group that I help.

LA Flash Online - The online version of the Adobe User Group.

Rich Media Institute - a new media school in Los Angeles that I hold courses at now and then.

Rich Media X - Free websites for Adobe User Groups. Get blogs, forums, event calendar, jobs board, videos, and RSS feed goodness - that's just the start. I co-authored a book about making RMX.

Other hobbies

Star Trek Films - blog site where I review Star Trek fan films.

Movie Couch - Podcast shows for movies and Blu-Ray releases.

Starcraft 2 Armory - Starcraft is one of the world's most popular games ever and I help with this popular fan site. Watch the video coverage I did for BlizzCON 2007.