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PHP is a programming language popular for use with web applications.

Drupal 4.7

The new 4.7 update for Drupal is out. I have one client on Drupal and I am starting to like its administration features.

Drupal is a free, open source content management system (CMS) built in PHP. Normally I build CMS's from scratch but I do have a standard set of database table structures that I use on each project but I like how Drupal has modules (plug-ins).

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PHP 5.1

PHP is growing. I feel PHP 5 is a next level and while there's some bugs that pop up there will always be bugs that pop up even when we are on PHP 10.0, and seeing PHP 5.1 come out with a lot of good fixes keeps me happy about my server side language of choice. I hope more hosting companies support it sooner than later.

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