I'm glad to see the release of Drupal 6. If you haven't heard of Drupal it is a free, open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. One minor downfall of this release is the backwards compatibility of PHP so it is written to support PHP4 but that doesn't mean your modules could not make PHP5 a requirement to run.

Drupal 5 has thousands of web sites running, and Drupal 4.x has probably even more legacy sites still floating around. I'm sure Drupal 6 will take over as soon as more modules are available for it.

It is exciting to see the major growth of the Drupal platform into a serious contender. When people ask why I chose Drupal the easy answer is "I had to bet on a horse, and Drupal came in." The long answer is I was tired of supporting a custom, personal CMS framework of my own brewing and I saw the writing on the wall years ago that open source PHP projects were going to take off.

New features include:

  • Update themes
  • New modules
  • CSS compression
  • JS (JavaScript) compression
  • More caching options
  • Custom Content Types (page, story, blog, and whatever you want)
  • Update status report of installed modules
  • Major API updates
  • jQuery built in!
  • ... plus more features I am forgetting

With companies now adopting Drupal and even building their business on it we'll see how the market changes, if at all.

Tags: Drupal, PHP