The release of Drupal 5 on the surface surpassed the previous version (4.7) by far. When I was first introduced to Drupal around version 4.6 it really peaked my interest in the project as I was already familiar with frameworks, open source, and of course had my own web site template schemes with code I was painfully maintaining across multiple clients. I made a simple client control panel with PHP & MySQL just to track sites and their versions. I enjoy writing PHP + SQL, but when there's a new site exploit floating around the web, usually in the form of JavaScript, it makes me pause and think I'm either charging too little for my maintenance or I need to rethink some web production strategies.

Most of my PHP is written in Dreamweaver. I like using Dreamweaver for its CSS panels and its extensibility. I program my own extensions for Dreamweaver and adding Server Behaviors (PHP code) which are pretty easy to share. But, instead of updating templates and pages by hand, it would be nice to have a central theme folder like how Drupal uses.

I have done the whole phpBB thing. I've tried freeware (now open source) web code/apps galore. If it's rated anywhere, I've tried it. I always kept my eye on CMS systems because that's what I build. Drupal seems different. Maybe its the tone.

Again, time to rethink my strategies.

About Drupal

Drupal is a free, open source content management system (CMS) built in PHP. Normally I build CMS's from scratch but I do have a standard set of database table structures that I use on each project but I like how Drupal has modules (plug-ins).

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