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Speaking at Adobe MAX 2008 on Extending Dreamweaver

The Adobe Dreamweaver team has taken notice of my many extensions. In particular my jQuery and Drupal extensions. I have been invited to present a session on Extending PHP in Dreamweaver, where I will go over basics of creating and sharing a PHP Server Behavior extension for Dreamweaver.

Adobe MAX 2008 takes place in October at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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DrupalCamp L.A. 2008

The Los Angeles Drupal User Group will be holding our second annual DrupalCamp event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is a big deal for us as a user group, but also as important for Drupal. Companies and freelancers will be attending this event and will hopefully get a sense of how serious the Drupal platform is.

DrupalCamp L.A. 2008 will take place in September.

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Drupal 6

I'm glad to see the release of Drupal 6. If you haven't heard of Drupal it is a free, open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. One minor downfall of this release is the backwards compatibility of PHP so it is written to support PHP4 but that doesn't mean your modules could not make PHP5 a requirement to run.

Drupal 5 has thousands of web sites running, and Drupal 4.x has probably even more legacy sites still floating around. I'm sure Drupal 6 will take over as soon as more modules are available for it.

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Speaking at DrupalCon 2008 in Boston: Better Drupal Interaction Design with Flex

I am presenting on Better Drupal Interaction Design with Flex at DrupalCon Boston this March. I was invited to speak by the conference organizers and Adobe. So, thank you to all involved.

UPDATE: My presentation slides are available online for download at

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DrupalCamp L.A. 2007

I had a great time being a part of DrupalCamp LA 2007. I volunteered and presented on Drupal & Adobe Technologies where I talked about Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, and in general the Flash platform using AMF.

AOL donated the space, we had three rooms going on at the same time. There were a lot of sponsors and the place was packed! Some people recorded audio and video of some sessions.

UPDATE: My presentation slides are available online at

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Drupal 5

The release of Drupal 5 on the surface surpassed the previous version (4.7) by far. When I was first introduced to Drupal around version 4.6 it really peaked my interest in the project as I was already familiar with frameworks, open source, and of course had my own web site template schemes with code I was painfully maintaining across multiple clients. I made a simple client control panel with PHP & MySQL just to track sites and their versions.

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PHP 5.2

PHP has really come along. When PHP first came out a lot of hosting companies didn't offer it as there were a lot of changes and most web apps were all PHP4 anyway. Well, like I said, PHP has come a long way and the release of PHP 5.2 and newer stats showing PHP 5 is well on its way to dominate the server side language market. I don't think I know of a hosting company that only hosts PHP 4 and if they did I'd never use them.

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Drupal 4.7

The new 4.7 update for Drupal is out. I have one client on Drupal and I am starting to like its administration features.

Drupal is a free, open source content management system (CMS) built in PHP. Normally I build CMS's from scratch but I do have a standard set of database table structures that I use on each project but I like how Drupal has modules (plug-ins).

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PHP 5.1

PHP is growing. I feel PHP 5 is a next level and while there's some bugs that pop up there will always be bugs that pop up even when we are on PHP 10.0, and seeing PHP 5.1 come out with a lot of good fixes keeps me happy about my server side language of choice. I hope more hosting companies support it sooner than later.

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I am a fan of Podcasts so I thought it'd be good to produce a show on Web Design & Development. Podcast Shows are like digital radio shows but they are not listened to in real time. Instead each episode is recorded and made available for download. Shows can be subscribed to so when a new episode is released a subscriber uses software to automatically downloads episodes right away or when they have time. The term "Podcast" comes from notion that people listen to these shows on their iPods instead of burning CD's or being stuck at a computer.

My first show is WebDevDesign and it is a show that covers web design and development practices and can be found on the iTunes Store. I hope to get interviews later but for now I will be teaching CSS, HTML, Flash, and best practices.


I am a database fan and MySQL has proven itself to me for sure. I originally came to MySQL from Microsoft Access & SQL Server systems which cost a lot of money, well, on my budget. Besides, PHP and MySQL together do just fine together on a Linux server.

New features of MySQL 5 are:

  • Triggers
  • Cursors
  • Stored Procedures
  • Views
  • Transactions

All these features were literally the missing pieces for MySQL to be a legit open source contender for Microsoft SQL Server.