Programming since childhood, I've always had a taste for the future pulse. Contact me if you need training for your team or have something you'd want me to work on.

Old fashion bio:

Chris, Los Angeles' Drupal & ActionScript guru, successfully cannonballed into web development in the late 90's. Co-author of an advanced Flex book in 2007, Chris is always caught up with the latest in web trends like Flex, Drupal, AIR, Flash, and always Web Standards like CSS & XML. While still finding time for new technologies, Chris authors premium articles for the largest Dreamweaver/Flash community (, produces the ongoing printed Adobe AIR magazine column for FFD (Flex Flash Developer Mag.), had produced WebDevDesign (iTunes featured popular Web Design & Development Podcast), and still manages to organize the LA Drupal & LA AIR user groups in Los Angeles. If Chris isn't writing or doing community events then he's usually teaching how to produce current and next-generation web properties.

In the Drupal community Chris is the manager of LA Drupal, Los Angeles' regional Drupal user group and professional developer network, and helped produce two ground-breaking Drupal Camp events in Los Angeles. Coming to Drupal in 2005, Chris adopted the CMS software after trying tons of different software and chose Drupal, leading to Chris' development of the first Adobe Dreamweaver plug-in for Drupal programmers. Chris' first book, titled Advanced Flex Application Development: Building Rich Media X (2007), is the first printed book to cover connecting Drupal back-ends to Flex/ActionScript front-ends; taking Drupal into the rich internet application (RIA) realm. Currently Chris is writing an untitled Drupal book due in the first half of 2009.

Skills & Knowledge

ActionScript, PHP, SQL, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, XML, JavaScript (Ajax/DHTML), MXML, Web Standards, Flex, Flash, AIR, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Eclipse, Mac/Windows, OpenOffice, iLife, iWork, Microsoft Office (Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint), XSL/XSLT.

Older skills: Quark, InDesign, Freehand, Photoshop, Illustrator, Page Maker, Acrobat, C++, ASP, SQL Server, Strata 3D, Bryce, Painter 3D, Cool Edit Pro, Rebirth, Fruity Loops, Basic, MS-DOS, Quatro Pro.

Community Involvement & Writings

I produce tons of tips and materials for web developers. You can read about my book and articles that I wrote.

I present/speak at events